Please join me this Sunday, July 26,  where I will be speaking at
the Center for Positive Living in the Village of Oak Creek–

Now Appearing Live and Unplugged–YOU!

10:00 AM
45 Castle Rock Road, #1A, Sedona, 86351

What would life feel like if we were free of the subconscious boxes in which we live? Is it possible that our own Higher Selves, rather than wanting us to conform to some narrow version of what it means to be spiritual, actually wants us and is nudging us toward freedom, expression, creativity and the power to create fulfilling lives. Too often we use our spiritual practices to try to unplug from those very aspects of our personality that hold clues to the freedom our hearts and souls are nudging us toward. In this talk we will explore how to dare to be gentle with ourselves, to discover and listen to the deep yearnings of our hearts and how to rewire our brains and nervous systems to open to more of Life as the unique expressions of Divine Source we are. In short–how we can show up in life LIVE AND UNPLUGGED. Please join me this Sunday, July 26,  at 10am at the Center for Positive Living, 45 Castle Rock Road, #1A in the Village of Oak Creek

Would you like to

  • Experience life in a more expanded and fulfilling way?
  • Experience the harmony and peace of connecting more fully with your Higher Self?
  • Learn how to easily and gently shift subconscious patterns and programs
  • Learn simple yet powerful techniques for creating change
  • Develop awareness of how and why we subconsciously keep ourselves in outmoded patterns of living
  • Learn the single most powerful self-healing tool





Through the magical process of Shamanic Breathwork*, you will open to more:beauty, freedom, knowing, clarity, love and bliss, while painlessly and quickly clearing all layers between you and your birthright as Divine Expression.

Watch for next scheduled Breathwork Journey

5:30 PM–please arrive a few minutes early to set up

65 Yucca Drive, West Sedona
 $20 donation requested, yet no one will be turned away
Bring a snack to share afterwards for community time of sharing and affirming each others’ process

Reservations are required because of space.

Space is limited, so please, if you reserve a space and find you cannot attend, let me know so we can release the space for another journeyer.

To reserve your spot and prepay using Paypal, click here

*The Shamanic Breathwork process combines the breath with shamanic journeying to bypass the conscious, programmed left brain and allow access to multidimensional layers of information.  It allows us to release long held subconscious programming, and access higher levels of consciousness.  I use high volume, chakra attuned music to facilitate the journey, and I am guided to create specific playlists for each event. 
Logistics:  Wear comfortable clothing, bring a closed water bottle, and bedding for a comfortable pallet–you will be lying on a carpeted floor.  Please arrive promptly or a few minutes early, so we can set up our journeying space.