New Webinar Series: Discover Your Quantum Self

Discover Your Quantum Self

 Perspectives, Tools and Support for Stepping into an Empowered Life

Every day I meet with wonderful clients who are seeking some kind of transformation in their lives—relationship, health, career, spiritual. We do wonderful, powerful sessions together, but after our session, the question is always the same:

I feel wonderful, but how do I keep this going when I get back to my life?

That’s what this webinar series is all about.  It is in response to these client requests that I developed this series.

Anything we do in life requires practice in order to become proficient and to be able to do it well, naturally and automatically.  Transforming a lifetime of patterns and programming and ways of responding to stress that have resulted in less than fulfilling lives is absolutely no exception.

Through these weekly 1 hour sessions, you will receive ongoing teachings, support and tools that will give you what you need to create profound change in all areas of your life—personal, spiritual, professional, physical, health, relationships!  Keep reading for testimonials from the last series of sessions.

Here’s what we’re going to do together:

We’ll start by radically shifting and expanding your view of reality—including your self, your reality, disease—everything (and I do mean everything), which then allows you to:

  • Start creating and manifesting your reality in a powerful new way
  • Understand why and how things are showing up as they are and learn how to change them
  • Learn to use the breath and other tools to rapidly shift thoughts, emotions, habits
  •  Have new tools to respond to stress and “triggers” in healthy and productive ways
  •  Learn to recognize and correct energy imbalances in yourself, others and your environment
  • Expand your intuitive abilities

You’ll also learn—

  • A deeper way of perceiving what’s going on in your world so that things can shift miraculously
  • Breath and visualization techniques to shift your vibration and manifest a new reality
  • My 3 most powerful tools

Each session contains: 

  • Energy transmission and activation
  • Teaching
  • A practice to strengthen your new vibration

I’ve recently completed presenting the first series of modules.  I asked the initial group to look back at how they’ve changed through the course of the webinar and compare how they were then to how they are now.  They have reported profound change in their attitudes and their ability to manifest positive, even miraculous shifts in their reality.  In other words, they are now operating in a much more peaceful, empowered and fulfilling way in their everyday lives.

The thing is, when we are under stress, or are facing a “here we go again” situation, we all go into ‘default mode’.  Usually, those default modes come from being triggered in some way, and we go right into fight or flight.  Which is exactly what has created the outcomes we want to change.  So we need something else to call on when ‘stuff’ comes up. And it takes reinforcement, reminders and practice to create new default modes. That’s the value of this course.

Last year I created this series and called it Discover Your Quantum Self, which I think scared some folks away.  Maybe sounded too ‘out there’ or too scientific.  Actually, what we do is very practical, but the result is that you actually expand your view of who you are and what reality is, so it really is Discovering Your Quantum Self. It’s that bigger view that gives you the power to recreate your life and your being in amazing ways — ways you can’t even imagine now.

Click here to view the free preview session from Feb. 20

Here are some comments from class participants:

“I recently received a big promotion at work.  It was a bit overdue, and when I asked the Vice President what had changed, he said—You are more confident now.  I credit the awareness and tools I learned in the DYQS webinar with this new confidence.  I am so much calmer, centered and clear.  I don’t react to stress the way I used to, and I feel so much better about myself” PD, Virginia

“Each weekly session gave me a tool to use or a new perspective to consider. And now when I roll those together, I’m not the same energy I was 12 months ago. It wasn’t a singular moment. It was a journey. I am able to see reality transform before me and now realize that miracles are much different than what I thought.  It’s as though we learned how the ‘miraculous’ actually works and are able to tap into that!” DP, Iowa

I am going through a major transition in my life and Meredith’s course has helped me to gain valuable insights on my soul contract and deeper connection with my Higher Self which is greatly appreciated!” CC Thailand

“Discovering my “Quantum Self” was one of the most thought-provoking and stimulating tasks I have undertaken.  By practicing the principles that Meredith teaches, rather than my old established self-help thinking, I’ve discovered that I am more able to “notice” the universe and everything in it and to be more responsible in the way I navigate myself though my days. If you are ready to challenge your old ways of thinking and want to take control of your past, present, and future, Meredith Davis’s teachings and life experiences provide a nice intro to quantum mechanics as well as a deeper look at the practical reality of one of the emerging sciences of consciousness that will allow you to engage in life differently”.  LK Wyoming

How does the course work?

The entire course consists of 5 Modules, each module consisting of 4 weekly sessions, for a total of 20 sessions.  Each week we meet in a live interactive webinar.  You can sign up for each module individually, or commit to the entire series.  All registered participants receive a copy of the video shortly after the live broadcast.  There will be short breaks between modules, and breaks for holidays, etc.  I will be limiting the size of the group to create greater group support and cohesion.

(Remember–you don’t have to be present at the live webinar.  All who register will receive the video download to keep and replay at your convenience)

This first 4 week Module, Dis-Covering (or Un-Covering) your SELF, is powerful enough to stand alone in providing the basics of what will truly allow you to transform your life in ways you couldn’t have imagined–trust me, I couldn’t have imagined my life now!

However, in order to create deep and lasting transformation, there are 4 more modules, which go deeper into what we covered in Module 1 and really ingrain the new way of relating to life, to make them your “new normal”.

Here’s what we’ll delve into in the next 4 modules:

Module 2-The Quantum is Your Friend* 

·      My pet quantum theories and how they changed – and saved– my life

·      Permission to be outrageous

·      Playing with reality

·      The true nature of disease

·      Creating and manifesting

Module 3-Reclaiming and Rewriting Your Life Script

·      Soul Contracts and Sacred Curriculum

·      Family, Culture, Religion

·      Sex and Gender, and more

Module 4- What Would Life Look Like if I Wasn’t Afraid?

·      Approval = Safety

·      Masquerading fears

·      Reasons Why Not

·      Juicing vs. Daring
Module 5- Everyday Living in Quantum Reality

·      Wow! It’s a whole new paradigm!

·      Relating to your self from this place

·      Living in flow

·      “Bumps’ aren’t bad things

In addition, two three day retreats will be offered in Sedona, which will include Inner Journey Breathwork sessions, ceremonies in the red rock vortexes and much more. **

“The teachings are a compilation of what has changed my life, and in fact, literally saved my life.  Most of what I will be sharing has come as a result of my journey through breast and lymph cancer, walking away from treatment and healing myself energetically.   In fact, the words I heard were these: “You cannot do this work or teach it, if you have not staked your life on the truth of it.”

What I have learned and experienced has transformed the way I view reality and life, and allows me to manifest and create in a powerful way.   For those of you who have worked with me, you know this is how I live. 

It also allows me to hold a powerful energetic space into which my clients can step for their own healing and life transformation. These teachings carry a very high and powerful vibration, and you will be receiving them, not just intellectually, but as an energetic transmission.” 

Lots of info here, so contact me with your questions.  I am so looking forward to this experience, and am so grateful for what each of you has taught me in my journey.

Module One Info:

Dates: 4 consecutive Tuesdays: March 6,13, 20 and 27 at 6:00PM, MST.

Tune in live or listen at your leisure to the replay.

Cost:  $150 per 4 week module*** 

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Special Offers:

  • Refer friends and receive $20 off your fee for each one who registers
  • Pre-register for all 5 modules and receive a $100 discount.

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*Modules 2-5 dates will be announced

**Dates and prices for the residential retreats in Sedona will be announced
*** please contact me if you need to discuss tuition assistance.