Quantum Field Trip-Playing in the Field of All Possibility



Dis-Cover Your QUANTUM SELF–Playing in the Field of All Possibiity!

On this “FIELD TRIP” I’ll show you how I used a BASIC UDERSTANDING of a few simple Quantum principles to HEAL myself of cancer and literally catapult myself into the realm of MAGIC AND MIRACLES!

Live Webinar begins Tuesday, April 3

Whether you realize it or not, you are the Quantum and the Quantum is you.  We live in it.  It is the Field of All Possibility.  It is how we create our reality.

Are you creating by default or with skill and intention?

Some have said that a 5D human is one who sees life from a Quantum perspective and understands how to navigate and create from this awareness.

In this 4 week live webinar I will be sharing some basic, greatly simplified principles of quantum physics that empowered me to energetically heal myself of breast and lymphatic cancer.

Now I use them to create quick and powerful healing and transformation in my life and the lives of my clients.  And you can too.

You will come away with

  • greater skills to create healing on all levels,
  • shift blockages in your life
  • understand how and why your life is showing up as it is, and what to do about it
  • release past programming
  • activate your connection to your future self
  • perceive, harmonize and shift the energies around you
  • empower and enliven your spiritual practice
  • release limiting ideas about reality, time, space and disease, and
  •  manifest change in a powerful way

“Quantum is a great buzzword these days, but what is it really?  Have you wondered about it–what it is, how it works?  Or is it just a word to describe something really big and really out there.  Here’s a chance to cut through some of the mystery and make it usable and understandable.  The word quantum is used in science to mean the smallest particle of a thing.  So we will be looking into how reality is formed, what it’s made of, and use this understanding to simplify how to create great change in our lives and our world.”                   Rev. Meredith Davis

I will be sharing my 4 pet quantum theories and how they changed my life

  • Permission to be outrageous
  • Playing with reality
  • The true nature of disease
  • Creating and manifesting
  • How your thoughts create your reality

And much more

Each session contains:

  • Energy activation and transmission
  • Teaching
  • Q&A
  • Take home tools for practice

Dates:  Tuesday, April 3 – Tuesday, May 1
All sessions will be recorded so you don’t miss anything if you can’t tune in live.

Cost for the entire 4 week class is just $150

Click HERE to claim your spot.
(I do limit the size of the group to ensure quality of participation and support.)

Special Offer:  Invite a friend and receive a $20 discount on your registration.
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