Meredith Davis

Doctor of Shamanic PsychoSpiritual Studies
Ordained Shamanic Minister
Energy Healing
Spiritual Coaching and Mentoring
Quantum Shift Breath Journey
Life Transformation

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Fresh Start 2024!

New online meditations, classes and more -- all in the works!
Starting 2024

Are You Ready?

To step out of limiting patterns and beliefs and heal physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually? 

Is It Time…

To get clarity about your life and purpose and access intuition, inner guidance, to be truly free, to give and receive love?

Make The Shift

Experience greater joy, gratitude and peace. Step into greater connection your higher Essence, take that step to make the changes in your life that you are seeking.

It is time to break free of your story!

We are in an unprecedented  time of change and growth on the planet.  All the upheaval we see in the world around us is heralding something new, higher, more driven by love and compassion than by the war, greed and fear we’ve known, and made into “normal”.

We are so much more than our old story!  It is time to find ways to break free, break out and discover the greatness of your soul, which is ultimately your purpose for being here at this potent time.  Step into a new story, one based on the power of your own Divine Essence.

The work for me is simply going deeply within, connecting with and calibrating myself to the Higher Presence—the Divine, the Higher Self or Soul of the person — connecting with that delicious higher energy state that is so familiar to me.  I go into a much higher dimension of awareness and open up the space for that frequency to come through and work with the person.  It shifts energy patterns and clears attachments to energies that are not helpful. The power of this high frequency is amazingly powerful and can heal the body and the mind and reset on many levels.

Healing Sessions

All sessions are available in person in Sedona or via Zoom

Quantum Shift Breathwork Session

This is Meredith’s signature session—really 3 sessions in one: breathwork, energy work and coaching.spend some time connecting and discussing what you are seeking in this session.

Your Sensual Self—Heal, Awaken, Discover, Recover

Busyness, emotional baggage, health issues lack of awareness, past trauma— these are all the kiss of death for our ability to soften and connect into our deep, sensual, energetic core. And our sensuality is more than just sex— it’s a deep energy of empowerment and connection, both with our selves and others.

Chakra Balancing and Upgrading

Get acquainted with your energy centers! This session is a journey through your chakra system. You will literally feel and experience your own energy centers awakening, balancing and upgrading!

Balancing and Healing the Masculine Feminine Electromagnetic Polarities

We hear a lot about the awakening of the Divine Feminine, but what does that look like really? When theses energies are out of balance, life doesn’t work so well. We need only to look around us to see that is so. In this session you will gain a new perspective on the masculine and the feminine to be able to incorporate and balance them into your life.

Customized Healing Session—What do you Need Today?

Often the significant events in our lives that drive us to reach out for help actually serve to propel us forward on a path we may never have imagined. Are you at a crossroads in your life? Recovering from grief or loss? Feeling stuck? This session really targets what’s going on in your life.


My teaching programs are all about awakening and expanding your consciousness. Each of these programs gives you new information and ways to look and and interact with Life to create a different story for you.

Connect With Meredith

Distance Sessions available by phone or zoom or visit me in Sedona