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New Web Series: Transform Your Reality-Quantumly!

This 8 week online training is about taking you into a deeper state of expansion, transformation and a deep sense of your oneness with your own divine essence and what reality actually is—or isn’t. 

Having powerful energy tools to work with thoughts and emotions, deal with fear, chaos, uncertainty.

That’s a big statement, but that’s exactly what happens when you experience this program.

And isn’t that what we really need more of right now?

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Experience Energy Healing and Breathwork Sessions

in the powerful vortex energies of Sedona, Arizona

Rev. Dr. Meredith Davis Certified Breathwork Facilitator PhD Shamanic Psycho-Spiritual Studies

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Quantum Shift Energy Healer, Quantum Shift Teacher and Coach, Shamanic Minister

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Distance sessions available by phone or skype


"Thank you for being such a phenomenal teacher, facilitator and healer. 
I know A LOT of "light workers" in Sedona and all around the world, 
and you, Baby, got MOJO like nobody I know!" , KA AZ 

“More than just a psychic reading,a session with Meredith takes you on a 
life-changing journey of healing and attunement.”  DS, AZ

"You changed my life.  I'll never be the same."  JE, NC