Part of the Dis-Cover Your Quantum Self Master Course

What Would Life Look Like if I Wasn’t Afraid?

Live Webinar 4 Tuesday nights
Beginning late August or Early September 2018 

We all have limiting patterns based on fear programming that are limiting us.  The thing is, we have normalized them so much, that we don’t even realize that they are fear based and that they are holding us back.

We are all being nudged in one way or another by LIFE itself to expand what we believe is possible for us humans.  We are being drawn to experience more:  more fulfillment, more peace, more AHA moments when you absolutely know you are in the flow of LIFE.

Join me as we learn ways to uncover and neutralize these subtle fears and step into greater freedom, love and joy

“Yes, there is more for you in this lifetime.
It is time to let this old stuff go.”

Here’s a look at what the course covers:
How hidden influences of
Family, Culture, Religion, Sex and Gender “run” us
How to stop judging yourself for your feelings
How eons of conditioning show up in body, mind, emotions and spirit, and how you can get free
Releasing completed soul contracts and karma
Rewrite a new soul contract consciously,
in co-creation with your Higher Self
Powerful and simple tools to use when you find yourself
“in the weeds”

Wouldn’t it be great if, simply by tuning in to the patterns of your life from a higher perspective, and working with some new tools, you could learn to stop beating your head against a wall trying to change, and begin to actually see and feel your life change for the better?

In this 4-week live webinar, we’ll learn the power of observing our lives from a more quantum perspective—the oversoul, or 5th Dimensional level.

Everything is energy, and our life stories and experiences are no exception—
they are patterns of energy.

Instead of attacking the story, which is simply a symptom of the energy pattern, we will be working from the level of the energy pattern itself.

It’s like this:  If weird things are showing up on your computer screen, you don’t attack the screen, you go into the computer programming and make the changes there. 
We’ll learn to work with our “programming” and change what shows up on the “screen” of our lives.

Using some simple tools and techniques, many taken from the field of Quantum Physics, we’ll learn gentle, yet powerful and easy ways to dismantle the energy patterns that have driven us.

The results?  You will see the trajectories of your life change, and start creating new outcomes, ones that actually bring you peace, joy and fulfillment.

The teachings are a compilation of what has changed my life, and in fact, literally saved my life.  Most of what I will be sharing has come as a result of my journey through breast and lymph cancer, walking away from treatment and healing myself energetically.   In fact, the words I heard were these: “You cannot do this work or teach it, if you have not staked your life on the truth of it.”
What I have learned and experienced has transformed the way I view reality and life, and allows me to manifest and create in a powerful way.   For those of you who have worked with me, you know this is how I live.

It also allows me to hold a powerful energetic space into which my clients can step for their own healing and life transformation. These teachings carry a very high and powerful vibration, and you will be receiving them, not just intellectually, but especially as an energetic transmission.      Each session contains:

  • Energy activation
  • Teaching
  • Q&A
  • Take home tools for practice

All sessions will be recorded so you don’t miss anything if you can’t tune in live.  You will also have access to a private Facebook group for updates, discussion and sharing.

Cost for the entire 4 week class is just $150.

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