Upcoming Breathwork Retreat

4 day Breathwork Retreat and Training

October 24-28, 2018

The Quantum Shift Breath Process™
4 day Breathwork Retreat

Immerse yourself and experience

the doubly transformative power of

The Quantum Shift Breath Process™

combined with

The Quantum Shift Healing Process™

Deepen and accelerate your transformation experience with the power of the breath journey


Begin your certification as an
 Quantum Shift Breath Process™ Facilitator

“This is a life changing experience. You will never be the same.”  PD, Virginia

       Wednesday evening, October 24- Sunday, October 28     

Cost:  $995 or $950 prior to September 10

Includes the retreat and all meals in a luxurious custom designer home set in the powerful  red rock vortex energies of Sedona

The Quantum Shift Breath Process™ is a powerful, multidimensional combination of breathing, specifically designed music, movement and Quantum Shift Healing techniques.

I call this a “Breath Process” because, through my experience in guiding hundreds of clients through these sessions, I have learned that, by accessing these super high vibrational states, we are able to take the “WORK” out of “Breathwork”.  The state itself creates the transformation.

What makes this process different?

By combining Quantum Shift Healing™ techniques with the Quantum Shift Breath Process™, we create a very high vibrational state of connection and a powerful multi-dimensional healing and attunement experience that literally shifts your vibrational “signature” and facilitates healing and transformation at a powerful energetic level; i.e. The Quantum Shift.

Through your own breath journeys, you will experience:

  • Physical, mental, emotional and energetic healing
  • Quick release of sub-conscious programing and patterns
  • Access to super-conscious states of accelerated transformation

Plus, by helping facilitate others’ journeys, you will learn how to:

  • Hold space as a co-journeyer
  • Create a powerful energy container for the Breath Journey Process
  • Sense and clear energy patterns
  • Open more fully to your own expanded energy
  • Connect with your Higher Self to guide and choreograph the breath journey

“You will leave the weekend in a powerfully transformed and expanded state.  You will learn powerful and practical techniques for opening and connecting to your own Higher Essence.  And this allows you to experience and interact with Life from a much more powerful and conscious place. Believe me, you will be amazed at the difference!”

Rev. Meredith Davis

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