Spiritual Physics Webinar

What is it?  How does it work? Why does the Quantum hold answers? How can we work with it?

This webinar will answer these questions and more

Ten years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer that had spread to the lymph nodes.  I was told to do the conventional western treatment or else.  Well, I opted for the “or else”.  Clearly, I am still here.

What I discovered in that journey has become the basis for the teachings I now call Spiritual Physics.

The language of Spiritual Physics comes to us from the 5D level of consciousness and gives us the freedom, understanding and tools to create seeming miraculous shifts in our 3D reality.

We beat our heads against the wall trying to change, manifest, release.

There is an easier way

What you will discover in this webinar are easy to understand, yet cutting edge concepts that have shifted the lives of hundreds of people.

I have distilled the mysterious and confusing arena of Quantum Physics down to 4 basic principles which are amazingly easy to incorporate into your awareness and your everyday life.   In fact, you are already working with them unconsciously in every moment!

  • Learn how our thoughts create reality
  • Learn the science behind the Law of Attraction

Here, we connect with the Soul of the Quantum.  It’s not about equations and math, but the underlying essence of meaning.  The secret is to decode the meaning and apply it to everyday life!

 Make an incredible quantum shift in your life—

 Dates:  October

COST:  $150 for all 4 sessions. 

All registrants will receive the video download to watch later

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