I Looked and, By Golly, There Was a Rubber Band!


The other day a friend told me about someone who brings forth sacred objects, mainly gemstones, out of his mouth, after going into a deep trance stateMy first reaction?  Well, you probably can imagine.  But I just pulled back mentally, and did a bit of prayer/conversation asking what would be useful for me to know about this.  (By the way, it is called aportation and evidently, a number of people past and present do and have done that, including Sai Baba and of course Jesus.)
Last night at the gym I realized I’d forgotten a hair tie and I was going to steam and sauna.  When I walked into the steam room a rubber band was lying on the floor.  Coincidence?  Manifestation? Aportation?
We’ve been playing with manifesting and I think we’re being nudged to go into it more deeply and take it more seriously.  Serious—not in a somber sense, but as in paying more attention, even in each moment. 
That’s what came to me when I saw the rubber band—pay attention—there’s more going on here, and there is more possible. 
Did someone just leave it there?  Probably, but so what?  It all fit together like pieces of a cosmic jigsaw and I had what I had desired.  And it wasn’t even a big deal desire.  Yes, it would have been more uncomfortable sitting there with my hair down, but not life and death.  It was a reminder to pay attention, and to open the aperture of our minds to greater possibility.
It was a reminder to not slide into unconsciousness when in the middle of mundane activities.  Miracles—that’s what we call it when something outside our idea of what’s possible happens.  In a sense, everything about our lives is a miracle.  As our minds open to more possibility, miracles happen all around us every day in every moment.   Truly anything can happen if we just accept it as a possibility and relax into that.
Relax. That’s a biggie actually.  When I think back to the locker room, I remember the scenario:  I looked for a pony tail holder, discovered I didn’t have one in my bag, had a flurry of disappointment—actually projecting my emotions forward to the discomfort I would feel, and then said—oh well. Then I walked into the steam room and there it was. 
Tracking is important because it leads down the rabbit hole to all kinds of stuff about our expectations, projections, thoughts and habitual responses and how those actually do manifest our reality. 
I work with numerology a bit, and this morning I remembered that this is an 8 year—2+0+1+5=8.  Eight has to do with authority, power, confidence and manifestation.  There is a lot more to it, including bringing forward those aspects of ourselves that are not quite healed and ready to step into those qualities, or how we perhaps misuse them.  I’ll write more about that next time.  But I believe that we are being given the opportunity by Creator here to pay attention, and allow more to show up for us.   
So, pay attention today.  Notice what you notice, relax and allow expansion to happen. 
Oh—and post here what shows up for you—let’s see what happens!
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  1. Hi,
    Enjoyed the post! “Pay attention today. Notice what you notice, relax and allow expansion to happen.” I keep you posted on what shows up.

  2. All sorts of things are being manifested around me and for me, especially as of late. This year of “8” is bound to be a spectacular year. I have been told that (for me and others) and I truly feel it! It’s all so exciting.

  3. Meredith: Great article on manifesting. Manifesting is easy when one pays attention to small details. Sometimes things are manifested in a series of events. And many things are manifested as you did with the rubber band. And remember to thank the Universe for bringing what you desire, no matter how small. Love and Light, Dorothy

  4. Meredith. Wow….I just watched yiu with Lori Morrison 2020….so this would be a four year…I can’t help but wonder what that means or has in store

    1. Hi Kathryn, thanks so much. It is a 4 global year, which means it’s a time of taking stock of our lives and being practical about what we want to create. I think of the “4” energy as building blocks–building a firm foundation for our lives. In this case, globally it’s time to take a look at the world we want to live in and re-structuring our own lives, both internally and externally. So glad you enjoyed the talk on Facebook–it was fun!

  5. The rubber band is evidence of flow, abundance and prosperity in your life.. What if everything was at our fingertips (on its own) without the mind’s gyrations? What if everything unfolded (on its own) as we learned to move from the mind and into flow and coherence and that subtle guidance that everything else on this planet abides? What if we could see in our past, realization of so many happenings as evidence of flow eventually unfolding in our lives? And they line up (manifest) in their own time (God’s time) if we will let them.. Allowing is quite cool .. and all we need to do is to learn how to let go!

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