New Web Series: Transform Your Reality-Quantumly!


Tuesday, April 7, 5PM MST (Arizona Time)

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 I am going to give you a lot in this session.  For example: 

  • I will share with you several of my best ‘go to’ energy tools for dealing with challenges and clearing, balancing and harmonizing energies.  
  • My 3 step basic reset:  stop, drop and breathe
  • How to use breath consciously to shift the energy and bring healing into the body, mind and energy field
  • how to align with your Inner Being to resolve inner conflict and more
  • An intro to my 4 favorite Quantum Physics energy hacks!

Plus you’ll experience an actual energy healing guided meditation.

Consider this my gift and contribution to you and to humanity during this time.

I truly believe that this global pause is a huge opportunity to grow, change, heal and transform in an unprecedented way.  We are being given the time to really come to terms with what we want to take with us when we emerge into more active lives once again.  Can we make this a big ‘do over’ for our lives?  I think we can.  I personally have reveled in the freedom to go deep into my inner being and connect even more fully with my own Source guidance and presence.  

How might the world be different if more of us took advantage of this time?

The things I’ll be sharing with you are the kinds of things I’ll be sharing on a deeper level in my webinar and rather than just talk about it, I want to invite you to a full on experience of it.

I explained in my last email that this 8 week session is designed to bring about deep and profound transformation.  You come away with your whole view of reality shifted and expanded, which gives you a lot of power to create and manifest positive change in your life.  

So, do plan to tune in to this session. It is not just for those who are thinking about taking the full seminar.  This is a stand alone experience that will bring you real benefit.  Don’t miss out!  

Be sure to register above so you get the zoom log in.  see you Tuesday April 7 at 5PM, MST–that’s Arizona time, which at this time of year is the same as California. 

Meanwhile, I sent you my heart felt wishes for well-being physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically.

With love,