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Experience the Power of Breath to Transform Body, Mind and Spirit

All New Quantum Shift Healing and Breathwork Training Program

Starts Online April 9!

Over the 11 years I’ve been working with my combination of Quantum Physics principles and breathwork for myself and clients, I have incorporated the tools and techniques I learned while healing myself energetically of breast cancer,  combined them with the breathwork process and the result is what I call the Quantum Shift Breathwork Process. 

By incorporating these Quantum Shift healing techniques,  you will learn to create an even more powerful healing space allows the client to gracefully slide through to a new place of alignment and clarity, and opens the way for them to see and experience life from a whole new level.

I will cover a lot of the foundational training online.   By the time you get to your first retreat you will already have learned and a whole lot and be ready to dive deeply into the hands on practice!  (the rest of the details below)

Program Format in a nutshell:

  • The Foundational Training—8 weekly webinar sessions — Begins April 9
  • The Hands On Experience — First retreat (of 2 required for certification) June 10-14 in Sedona

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 This course is is not just about training professional facilitators—it’s first of all about changing YOUR LIFE, deepening your transformation. Whether or not you choose to share it with others, it becomes the amazing outflow of the change you have experienced in your own life!

A big part of this training is opening you to a greatly expanded reality and giving you the tools to access this understanding and vision for your own life, and then be able to open that space for others as well

In this work, we say “The healing is the training.” What sets this training apart is that, not only will you learn all aspects of the breath journey, but you will also learn how to tap into an expanded state of quantum consciousness to affect even greater and more powerful shifts.

The breathwork process is part art, part science and all magic!  And the key to unlocking all of that magic is not just learning the technique of the breathwork modality, but even more importantly, the ability of the facilitator to create and hold a big, clear, high vibrational space. It is in that space that profound, multi-dimensional miracles of healing and transformation can happen. 

I want those who carry the designation of “Certified Quantum Shift Breathwork Process Facilitator/Healer” to be not just facilitators, but clear and powerful healers, so in this training you will receive a lot of deep, cutting edge teaching and information that I call Spiritual Physics!

There’s a big part of this training that is beyond the physical/mental/linear.  It is more than training, it is sacred initiation into this role of healer and conduit for Divine Presence, for yourself and for others. 

Whether you are interested in learning this powerful healing modality to use professionally, for friends and family or just to deepen and expand your own experience, this training will change you in deep and profound ways. By accessing quantum consciousness, you are able to move through layers of energetic programming quickly and thoroughly, facilitating rapid and clear shifts that affect all areas of life.

Here is a deeper look at what we’ll cover in the training:

  • 8 weekly webinar sessions:  The sessions will be live videos, and will be sent to all registrants so they can watch at their convenience if not able to participate live. 

      In the weekly webinars you will learn how to

  • Hold a multi-layered, multi-dimensional space of healing for yourself and your clients
  • Move, shift and dissolve energy blockages
  • Learn how to dissolve deep subconscious programming
  • Awaken and expand clear channels of connection for yourself and your clients
  • Learn energy healing and clearing techniques for yourself and others
  • Gain practical tools to keep your energy strong and clear
  • Delve deeply into all aspects of the breathwork journey technique
  • And lots more!

       Each session will contain:

  • Energy activation and attunement
  • Teaching
  • Practical and powerful energy shifting tools
  • A practice to strengthen your new vibration
  • 4 day retreats ( beginning after the online training and when it is safe to travel again)  held here in Sedona, and possibly in other locations (beach in Mexico maybe?), where you will get to put all you learned into practice, both as the “breather” and as the facilitator.  You will also continue your own deep transformation through a multi-day breathwork experience.

Additional information

  • The retreats do not need to be taken sequentially as long as 2 are completed within 2 years
  • Webinars offering advanced healing and clearing techniques will be offered after the basic program is completed. (Believe me, you’ll have lots of questions once you start doing sessions!)
  • With the approval of the facilitator (me), after completing the 8 core web sessions and 1 retreat, students may begin “practicing” with family and friends.  They may use the designation Quantum Shift Breathwork and Healing Facilitator—without the word “Certified”
  • Retreats and the webinar will be open to individuals not necessarily seeking certification, but just want to immerse themselves in a breathwork intensive experience
  • Ongoing retreats and webinars will be offered to provide further training, support and community

Requirements for Certification as a Quantum Shift Breathwork and Healing Facilitator/Healer

  • Attend all 8 webinar sessions or watch video and submit report
  • Attend 2 retreats
  • Facilitate and log 20 practice breathwork sessions
  • Agree to abide by Code of Ethics
  • Demonstrate personal understanding and embodiment of concepts, principles and practices that were taught


Webinar:  8 weekly instructional sessions — $650  $495

Advanced Tools and Techniques for handling the tough stuff :  4 weekly sessions – $150Optional for certification, but highly recommended. This will be held after the formal certification process.  Trust me— after you start doing sessions and you will want this!

Early Bird Special:  All 12 webinar sessions — the 8 core training and the 4 advanced training for $595. 

Click HERE to register for the webinars

Retreats:  Estimate about $1400 per 4 day retreat.  The cost includes meals, but does not include accommodation or transportation.   You do not have to do all the retreats in one year. 

First retreat:  Tentatively planned for Wednesday June 10-Sunday June14, Sedona

I’m holding off on registering for the retreat till we get the all clear to travel 

For Questions or more information reach out to me at