Noticing what I Notice–


Now more than ever we are hearing news of  research campaigns looking for a cure for the diseases that plague us (literally).  The scientific method says,  you make your hypothesis and look for something that supports it.  However, as the researchers are doing their studies, they undoubtedly encounter unexpected results called anomalies.  The problem is, usually they throw the anomalies out because they don’t support the hypothesis.  The difference with pioneering cutting edge discoveries is that they pay attention to, and actually look for anomalies because that’s where the new information and new possibility lurk.  The universe is saying ‘Look over here’.

Our lives are like that.  We set out with an agenda for something–a relationship, a project, our day, our lives.  But, when things don’t turn out exactly they way we expect, the tendency is to think it was a failure or wrong somehow.

What if we noticed the anomalies along the way–the little nudges from Spirit saying ‘look over here’, ‘look at it this way’.  In letting go of our grip on how we think something should show up, all kinds of magic can happen and usually does.

Let’s all do an experiment of our own today:  let go of our hypothesis of how things SHOULD be, and see what amazing unexpected things show up.  And I want to hear about them!

Love and blessings, Beloveds.

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