Numerology Series: 2015–A Year to Manifest–What?

888 2015 is an 8 global year—and 8 is the number of manifestation, abundance, fullness and expansion.

What does that mean and how does that work? Numerology is a system of looking at the vibrations carried by numbers, and working with them as symbols of information.   It is said that we live in a holographic universe, and that everything in it carries its own unique energetic and vibrational signature. Numbers are no exception. As we notice the numeric symbols that show up for us, we can interpret how these energies are operating in us to develop a clearer picture of the complex package of vibration patterns that comprise us.

All systems, such as numerology, astrology and many others, are glimpses into the operating system of the Universe. They are a way of systematizing Life, the Universe, and Creation that allows us to get clues into how it is all organized and how to navigate its sometimes seeming chaos. They are gifts—once we know how to unwrap them and use them!

When we talk about global numbers, we mean that, since mass consciousness subscribes to this calendar numbering system, the energy of the eight is the underlying energy floating around and influencing events on the planet. And, of course it combines with all the other numbers that operate in our energy field, such as our birth name, date and personal year, among others.   It’s a quantum entanglement thing, but that’s another story.

Eight is an outward number, and it’s about showing up and expanding, moving into new possibilities. Perhaps you’ve had some dreams and desires on the back burner for a while and you’ve been hesitant about bringing them forward.   Well this is the year to do so. What you think about will manifest very quickly this year! So notice!

Even if you don’t follow numerology or astrology, you may have felt within yourself some stirrings, either subtle or strong, of being ready to move forward, wanting to be out there more, wanting to make changes. Perhaps you’ve noticed a desire to express yourself in a new way, to take your work or personal life to a new level.   That’s all part of the energies that are available to us this year.

You may be saying—yes, I feel a stirring, an impatience, but I don’t know what to do with it. That is the invitation from your Soul to delve deep inside yourself and find out. Take some time to connect deeply and listen to your inner voice. Even listen to yourself talk about your confusion and frustration if that’s what’s showing up for you. This is also part of the eight energy: showing us what is blocking the manifestation of what we want.

We are constantly manifesting, so if you don’t like what’s showing up for you, pay attention. This year especially, we are being given the opportunity to shift the patterns that have kept us stuck—perhaps even this entire lifetime.

Notice any old self-doubt, second guessing tendencies in you that want to keep playing small! Be a bit detached, even as you engage, so that you can continue to monitor and notice the flow of energy and your own response to it.

Don’t hold back this year! Allow your ambition, your surge of enthusiasm, ideas and inspiration to flow. Depending on the other numbers in your chart, this year may well bring a turn in your business, career and financial situation.   You may be more noticed this year, with more opportunities coming your way, and more inspiration to make your own opportunities. It is an energetic flow, so notice it showing up and go with it!

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