Quantum Shift Mentoring Program

My teaching programs are all about awakening and expanding your consciousness.  Each of these programs gives you new information and ways to look and and interact with Life to create a different story for you.   

All of our experiences create programming in our subconscious minds that forms the basis of our reality.  We act and react according to that programming.  But there comes a time when something else inside us starts nudging us in a new direction.  The old survival strategies just aren’t working anymore.

But, if we knew how to change the story, we would already have done it. We all need help: new understanding, new perspectives, new tools.

But first and foremost,  we need to energetically clear out the old subconscious programming—just like the hard drive of your computer.  We need to defrag and debug the system!  This is the basis of all my work as a healer and teacher.  

In all my work, both healing sessions and teaching programs, the energetic transmission of clearing, healing, neutralizing energies is the basis for the the knowledge, understanding and practices to take hold and really create a new story for you.  Without the energy component, it is too difficult to make lasting change because we are working against our subconscious programming.  


This mentoring program is a deep dive

If you are ready to upgrade your life, feel different in your head and your skin, this program can take you there.  The program offers you the support, knowledge and tools to make deep and lasting changes in how you  feel, how you perceive life and, as a result, how life shows up for you.  What you will receive from this program changes and expands your view of reality so you can move beyond  fear, defensiveness and self-defeating attitudes and actions.  And, as a result, you are able to move forward in ways that benefit all areas of life:  spiritual awakening, career, relationships, health and vitality. 

This program offers you knowledge, tools, techniques:

And as a result you will feel clearer, calmer, less fearful and more empowered to:

Energy Healing to clear out old programming and upgrade you on all levels

Information from both cutting edge science and spirituality

Homework practices help you build new habits.

The 3 month program includes:

The combination of group and personal support builds community and keeps cost down, while still addressing the personal needs of group members.

The live programs allow the material to be tailored to the group, rather than having pre-recorded material.



ONLY $797

 or 3 payment of $269 per month


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Quantum Shift Spiritual Mentoring Program Registration

Quantum Shift Spiritual Mentoring Program