Breathwork Sessions

Breathing Into Wholeness

A breathwork session with Meredith is really 3 sessions in one. In addition to experiencing the power of a breathwork session, you will receive an energy healing session, chakra attunement, and coaching session with practical tools to use at home.

The Inner Journey Breath Process™ is a powerful, multidimensional combination of breathing, specifically designed music, movement and Quantum Shift healing techniques.

Through this deceptively simple and pleasant experience, you will experience profound energy shifts, be able to access greater awareness, your own intuitive knowing and release old self-defeating patterns and habits.



I call this a “Breath Process” because, through my experience in guiding hundreds of clients through these sessions, I have learned that, by accessing these super high vibrational states, we are able to take the “WORK” out of “Breathwork.”  The state itself creates the transformation.

What makes this process different?

By combining Quantum Shift Healing™ techniques with the Inner Journey Breath Process™, we create a very high vibrational state of connection and a powerful multi-dimensional healing and attunement experience that literally shifts your vibrational ‘signature’ and facilitates healing and transformation at a powerful energetic level–– The Quantum Shift.

The Inner Journey Breath Process ™  allows the practitioner to bypass the conscious, programmed left brain and allow access to multidimensional layers of information–both subconscious and super conscious.   Modern brain research has shown that conscious breathing actually shifts brain chemistry.

The Inner Journey Breath Process™ facilitates the release of long held subconscious programming, and allows us to access higher levels of consciousness.  When trauma that has been buried in the sub-conscious is released in this way, the actual trauma of the event is not re-experienced as such, but is only neutrally observed by the journeyer.  This allows deeply held negative patterns to be brought to the conscious mind and released without further trauma.

I use high volume, chakra attuned music to facilitate the journey, and I am guided to create specific playlists for each session.

It is key for the facilitator to create a safe container and hold a powerful, sacred and safe space in which journeyers can surrender into the process.  The accounts of tremendous shift, acceleration, and clearing are profound.  This work accelerates one’s own inner healing and awakening.

On a recent group journey, I was guided to hold the space and intention for all participants (including myself) to experience how loved we are.  During the sharing after the journey, each one said how they were filled with an overwhelming sense of love and acceptance, such as they had never before experienced.

I consider it a tremendous privilege to facilitate this work. The journey participants’ experiences bring me to both laughter and tears, and always to a place of awe and humility.

I provide private  and group breath journey sessions by appointment.

Interested in training as a Certified Quantum Shift Breathwork Facilitator?  Contact me for information, qualifications and training schedule.