Spiritual Coaching

Ready for a “Quantum Shift” in Your Life?

Spiritual Coaching and support to take you to the next level

Changing a lifetime of habits, limiting beliefs and conditioning is a task that requires focus, determination and discipline. Many people give up and fall back into their old, unfulfilling  ways of being because they do not have the tools, guidance and support they need. Plus, we can’t see our own blind spots because, well, they’re blind spots!

images-4This Spiritual Coaching program provides tools, structure, guidance, encouragement and practice to help you successfully navigate the process of shifting into states of higher consciousness and personal transformation, thereby recreating your life, your persona. It is a perfect partner and follow on to the healing sessions.

The energy healing work I do with clients actually dismantles and dissolves energetic patterns in the etheric blueprint.  Energetic patterns, both helpful and not so helpful, are what define, create and hold in form our human life experience.  These patterns exist on all levels: spiritual, emotional, mental and physical. By first de-activating the patterns that no longer serve us, we can make changes in our lives much more easily. It’s like shutting off the electrical power in a house, so that repairs can be safely made. We usually try to change our thoughts, emotions, behaviors and habits by just deciding to do so, and tackling them head on. And, just like trying to repair a household appliance without uplugging it, we get ‘shocked’ and pull back in defeat.

Quantum Shift Spiritual Coaching continues the work of the healing session by systematically, over a period of time, providing the client with tangible practices, tools and techniques to see the blind spots, challenge the status quo, build new habits, and step into a life of abundance, joy, fulfillment and health.  We actually rewire our brain and nervous system.

The coaching program addresses all levels and aspects of our being and our lives: spiritual, mental/emotional and physical, in order to bring a greater level of resonance and harmony with oneself and with life itself.

Because this is ‘quantum shift’ coaching, everything is approached multi-dimensionally. All interactions are, in truth, healing sessions, engaged in from a high vibrational level. As in all my work, it is directed and empowered by the client’s Higher Self, and Divine Source consciousness.  When engaged in a coaching session, I am in a state of heightened intuitive awareness and connection, just as I am in healing sessions.

Quantum Shift Coaching is a customized, one on one program. Typical lengths are 3 months and 6 weeks. Whichever time frame is agreed upon, the program includes weekly phone sessions (recorded), email support and homework.

Enrollment in this program will speed up your transformation on all levels. If you’ve been dealing with issues in your life that just won’t go away, we need to talk. As one of my teachers pointed out, the only difference between process and miracle is time. That’s all, time. If you’re like me, you’ve said ‘Let’s just get this done, already!’    

Contact me to discuss your questions and needs, and find out if QSC can be just what you need to make that quantum shift into living the life your heart is crying out for.

Combination energy healing and spiritual coaching package:

    • one initial in depth healing session
    • take home tools for daily practice
    • 3 follow up consultations with additional tools
    • email support

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Meredith Davis