Distance Healing and In Person Sessions

  • In person in Sedona
  • Distance healing by phone or Skype
  • Remote sessions with recording
  • Crisis management intensive support
  • Personal intensive retreats
  • Combination healing with follow up coaching support

The basic intent of every healing session is to align the client more fully with his or her true essence–their soul, etheric blueprint, Divine I Am Presence. Through clearing, alignment, releasing and activation with this High Self, we are then able to embody more of the light that we truly are. This allows patterns and programming which are not for our highest good, which no longer serve us, to dissolve and release their grip on us.

No two sessions are exactly alike.  Each session is customized according to the guidance received regarding the needs of the client in that moment, and usually includes a variety of modalities.

The session is a seemingly simple protocol that takes the form of a guided meditation, which takes me and the client on a delicious, relaxing and rejuvenating journey through the chakras, which I use as a ‘schematic’ or road map. All is directed and choreographed by Divine Presence and the client’s I Am Self.

Through my study of Quantum Physics and brain functioning, I am able to see energy patterns and programs and facilitate shifts on all levels–physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. I also work multi-dimensionally, because often the energetic core of the issue is sourced in another dimensional aspect of the soul, or possibly even in a parallel universe. So it is important to do a complete sweep, so these patterns and programs don’t scoot and hide. When doing a healing session, I enter an altered state of consciousness, which allows me to access and entrain high vibrations, which the client is then able to tap into.

As well as being an intuitive healer, I have been initiated into Archangel Michael’s team so I am able to clear and dissolve spirit entities, attachments, cords, implants, ghosts, demons and other dark energies, from people and places. Many, many people, even those on a spiritual path, have some dark “parasitic” energy cords attached to their energy body, which causes chaos, fear, addiction, and self-sabotaging behavior. Often this energy is connected to an ancestral lineage of chaotic energies, and this lineage can be operative even when the person’s field seems clear. Clearing this lineage brings powerful shifts and miraculous life changes.

Once this baseline realignment has been done, the client’s vibrational signature is changed, and never completely reverts to its former state. While old behaviours, responses, situations and conditions may still show up to a degree, and deeper layers may arise, they are no longer overwhelming and can be seen and moved through more easily.

Since there is no time or space in the Quantum Field, distance healing sessions are equally as effective as in person sessions.

  • · Guided Intuitive readings, using the Tarot
  • · Cord Removal
  • · Energy Clearing and entity removal
  • · House Clearings
  • · Chakra balancing, restoration and clearing
  • · Spiritual Counseling and guidance
  •   Tools for maintaining and strengthening connection to guidance

These sessions are not intended to diagnose or replace medical treatment.

For ongoing support, and to further integrate the changes made in the healing session, Quantum Shift Coaching is available.  This program provides one on one counseling, tools, practices and guidance for re-creating one’s life, health and well being.



Distance sessions available by phone or skype