The Sedona Vortex Experience


Meredith Star Raven, DMin

Take your Sedona  Red Rock experience

to a higher level with a

 Shamanic Healing Ceremony personalized for you or your group

conducted in one of Sedona’s famous vortex sites





Renew . . .

In Sedona’s  sacred and powerful  Red Rock  Vortexes


When I take clients out for a Vortex Experience,  I always tune in for guidance as to where we go, and what we do. This is part nature, part history, part geography and geology, part energy healing and completely magical!  I am always astounded and humbled by how Spirit goes ahead of us and creates this experience–not just for the client, but for me as well.  This is one of my favorite things to be able to share with visitors to Sedona.

“The life changes we have both had since your healing ceremony at the vortex are amazing!  I have discovered I needed a whole lot of heart opening, and wow has that happened!  I just have to thank you for the wonderful healing service that you performed for us.”  SR, MN

“Thanks for a fabulous Sedona experience!  The wisdom and kindness you gave will change us forever.”  JM, CA

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