Riding the Waves of Chaos Into Deep Healing

Monthly Energy Upgrade, Meditation and Insights

Wednesday, June 30, 5:30pm PDT/MST

Emotional?  Weepy?  Angry?  Frightened?  You are not alone.  the Universe is giving us the opportunity now to dive deeply into the ingrained patterns and suppressed emotions to really uncover and release those things which have characterized so much of the human story.   

We’ve made our wounding and limited programming and victim consciousness  “normal”.  Well, Spirit is saying People, wake up, this doesn’t have to be how life is!

I know it isn’t easy.  I’m right in there too!

However, the process of uncovering and release doesn’t happen without some effort on our part.  We have the opportunity now to say Yes to breaking through this old version of ‘normal’ and into more of what our souls have for us.  Namely expansion, more love, greater creativity, more flow, freedom and possibilities. 

The chaos and unknowing in the outer world is driving us inward to discover new ways of living, loving and thriving. 

If we let it.  And if we don’t continue to let ourselves be distracted.  If we recognize and grab hold of this amazing opportunity for awakening into more than we ever imagined we, and life, could be.

But—we need tools, we need support, we need guidance.  Just like the surfers—they didn’t start out on the big waves.  And they didn’t sit on the beach looking at social media on their phones.  They picked up the board and waded in.  They had mentors and teachers to show them how it is done.

That’s what I  provide in these monthly sessions.  Encouragement to wade in deep and the tools, guidance and support to surf the waves of life and possibility.

Even if you can’t make it live, do register and get the video.  You will be able to keep it and replay it whenever you get wobbly and need a reminder and an energy boost.

See you June 30 at 5:30 e/PDT. 

By the way, if you are wondering about the time, Arizona does not observe Daylight Savings time, so we are the same as California in the summer months. 

Date:  Wednesday, June 30, 2021
Time:  5:30 PM, PST/MDT
Where:  Zoom  (log in is sent upon registration)
Cost:  $20 energy exchange  REGISTER HERE