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Photo on 2010-11-06 at 15.02I am a gifted intuitive healer, teacher, and consciousness coach living in Sedona, Arizona.

I work in person, by phone and remotely with clients from all over the world.  My services include  healing sessions, breathwork sessions, vortex healing ceremonies, intuitive tarot readings, weddings and commitment ceremonies, memorial and celebration of life ceremonies, retreats, workshops, counseling and coaching.

My clients are wonderful, intelligent, conscious and caring individuals who are looking to step into a higher experience of life, love, health and fulfillment.  It is a joy and privilege to facilitate this work.

All my work with clients provides not only clarity and guidance but also practical tools for bringing beneficial change and growth in all areas of life.

I am grateful to be a clear channel for Divine Presence, the Source of All Life. As such, I connect with the client’s Soul and Energy Field to facilitate clearing, rebalancing and healing on all levels: spiritual, emotional, mental and physical.

Because of the richness and depth of my own life experiences of healing and awakening, including healing myself of breast cancer energetically, I am both qualified and committed to empowering those with whom I work to step into a richer and fuller experience of life on all levels.

So much of what I do in healing sessions involves giving clients permission, and then showing them how to listen to their own hearts and guts and connect them to their own inner guidance.  We are so conditioned to tune out, censor and invalidate our own inner yearnings, and yet therein lies the guidance we are so seeking. Learning to treat ourselves with kindness, compassion and gentleness is an enormous step toward deep healing, which then manifests as richer, calmer, healthier, more abundant and fulfilling lives, careers and relationships.

The energy clearing is an important component as it dissolves the programs that hold these dysfunctional patterns in place. Then the tools and practices are implemented to repattern the wiring in the brain and nervous system. And then a new ‘normal’ — richer, deeper, and more fulfilling — is created.

When I was diagnosed a few years back with breast cancer, and told that I must do the entire protocol of chemo, mastectomy and radiation —or else!— I was clearly guided by Spirit not to do so.  While I understand that this is not everyone’s guidance, it was clearly mine.  The message from Spirit was this:  in order to do this healing work, I must be willing to stake my own life on the truth of this work.  I did.  It was truly an initiation into this work of healing–bodies, minds, spirits–my own and others.

I have become a clear channel for the transmission of healing, clearing and awakening frequencies to all with whom I work.  Guided by the Council of Light, Archangels, Divine Presence, I am also a channel for the clearing and release of dark energies and presences in people and places.

My  passion is to empower individuals to step out of their past programming of fear, lack, limitation and powerlessness into true experiential knowledge of their birthright as individuated expressions of love, light and creativity.

Once the clearing and re-balancing are in place, the work of maintaining that clear energy and balance is crucial.  So a big part of my calling is to give clients tools to re-program their minds and develop new habits that will support them in creating a “new normal”.

When I work with a client, I connect with their own Soul, Higher Self,  and allow it to guide what wants to be done during the session.  When I bring forth a message for a client, it is coming from their own Highest Self.  And of course, ultimately, as we ascend in vibration, all becomes the One.

I am an ordained Minister with a Doctorate of Ministry in Shamanic Psychospiritual Studies from Venus Rising University, a certified Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator, a Matrix Energetics Practitioner as well as Garcia Innergetics.  My work is greatly informed by principles of quantum physics.

It is a tremendous delight and privilege to do this work.  Because the actual work channels through me, it blesses, heals and opens me as much as it does the client.

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