About Meredith

Hello!  It is a deep privilege to welcome you into my healing space—whether that is in my home in Sedona , here on my website, or in an online workshop.  The decision to uncover and unwind all that holds, hurts, and limits us is a deep and profound step.  It is my privilege to serve as guide, companion and facilitator.  The most important part of my job is to create a safe, caring, open, nurturing space in which you can dive deep into the core of your being and uncover and awaken who you truly are. 

My passion and mission  is to empower all those I work with to step out of the past programming of fear, lack, limitation and powerlessness into true experiential knowledge of their birthright as individuated and unlimited expressions of love, light and creativity. 

I love working with people and seeing them open up, light up and their lives change!  That’s what I really do—I help people change their lives.  Sometimes it’s through a breathwork session here is Sedona, sometimes it’s in one of my webinar courses, or maybe it’s just the encouragement and insight that happens in conversation.

I am passionate about the power of breathwork.  When you do a session with me, I hold a safe space  and coach you through the process, so you can open to depths of yourself you didn’t know existed.  And life changes.  It is an amazingly powerful, yet simple and pleasant way to shift, heal, release and transform a lot of old programming and conditioning in a very short time. There’s more about that process on the services page.

The other thing I’m passionate about is the connection between Quantum Physics and energy/healing/consciousness.  

Ten years ago I healed myself energetically of breast cancer.  What I learned during that journey is what I now call Quantum Shift Healing and Breathwork.  I teach all about this in my course Discover Your Quantum Self.  These Spiritual Physics concepts are what makes my breathwork sessions so powerfully transformative. After all, this is what gave me the insight and courage to walk away from treatment and heal myself. And now these insights empower my work and my teaching.

 It is so wonderful to see how great people feel when they complete a breathwork session!  They are light, clear, energized.  And when they go back to their lives they keep seeing things shift.  This is what energizes me and gives me joy.

As far as credentials, I am a spiritual counselor and teacher, intuitive healer and Certified Breathwork facilitator.  I hold a doctorate in Shamanic PsychoSpiritual Studies and am also an ordained Shamanic Minister as well as a Matrix Energetics and Garcia Innergetics practitioner.

In addition to offering  private sessions in Sedona, I teach on a variety of topics, primarily my passion Spiritual Physics and Discover Your Quantum Self, but also such topics as  Stepping out of Victim Consciousness, Healing the Masculine Feminine Dynamic, The Archetypes of the Tarot and Releasing Past Programming. 

I am located in West Sedona for breathwork, energy healing and chakra balancing sessions by appointment.  I also offer distance sessions for energy healing and coaching.

Great blessings to you.