Why do Quantum Shift Breathwork? Because it changes everything!

In case you aren’t familiar with the power of the breathwork journey, let me share with you some of the far reaching effects this deceptively simple practice has on your body, your mind, emotions and your energy field.

It truly has the power to change your life.  It did mine.  In fact, it saved it–literally. 

The teaching, techniques and the energy field I share at during sessions and at my retreats are the result of my experience of healing myself energetically of breast and lymph cancer.  I walked away from medical treatment, put my life on the line, and this is what I have learned. As a result, I developed my own ‘flavor’ of breathwork, which I call the Quantum Shift Breathwork Process.

From a physical perspective, breathwork affects every cell in the body, which of course includes all systems, organs, tissues, blood, brain, nervous system, hormones and more.  While consciously engaging the breath in everyday life has amazing health benefits (you’ll learn about that at the retreat too), engaging in a full breathwork journey amplifies the positive effects exponentially.

During the breathwork session, you literally shift brain chemistry and begin reprogramming the brain and nervous system.  By the way, did you know that cancer cells as well as other viruses cannot live in a super oxygenated environment?

The breathwork process also allows the brain, nervous system and energy field to release subconsciously held trauma, programming and patterns that keep us locked in less than desirable habits, beliefs and life circumstances.  It balances and reboots the autonomic nervous system as well as the hemispheres of the brain so you feel better and function better.

We also work multidimensionally and energetically to clear your past in this lifetime, past lives, parallel universes, future lives.  Yes, we do a lot while just breathing and listening to music!  It’s all in the energy we hold.

Using a technology example, I like to say that we call in your Higher Self, or soul, as the big IT person to de-bug, de-frag, dump the old outdated data and programming, upgrade your ‘operating system’ and then reboot you.

This puts you into a beautiful state of energized relaxation that allows for more focus, clarity and awareness in your life. It literally clears the static.

The further benefit of doing a multi-day experience is that you are immersed in this state of optimal brain, neural and energetic activity for an extended period, so the effects are exponentially increased.  Resetting in this way creates a new energetic and cellular baseline normal for your life, so you can move forward from there, to even more awareness and growth.

Sound appealing?  Would you like to feel like this?  If you are curious and feel like this is something that you are ready for, you might want to attend my upcoming retreat, June 5-8, 2019 here in Sedona.  Click on the link below for the details.  This is deep and wonderful work.  If you are wondering if you are ready to step in, contact me and we can talk about it.
CLICK HERE  for information and registration

Or, if you can’t attend a retreat but would like to experience the transformative power of a Quantum Shift Breathwork Journey, contact me about scheduling a private session

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