Meet Meredith


Meredith is the founder of Quantum Shift Healing and Breathwork, based in Sedona, Arizona. She is an ordained Shamanic Minister with a Doctorate of Ministry in Shamanic Psycho-Spiritual Studies.  She has a long history of healing both herself and others, and has been on a powerful path of awakening for many years.  Through her life long spiritual path and fearless dedication to awakening to her true divine nature, she has become a clear channel for the transmission of healing and awakening to all with whom she works.

Her passion…

Her passion is to help people release their fears, limitations and powerlessness and empower them to actualize their birthright as expressions of Divine Love, Light and Creativity.

She is an intuitive healer, transformational teacher and coach.  She especially loves teaching webinars on the topic of “Spiritual Physics” – harnessing the principles of quantum physics as a practical new spiritual language to facilitate rapid healing and transformation.  Being able to integrate cutting edge science and technology with the spiritual aspects gives a broad base on which to relate the healing experience to a wide spectrum of clients.  

The freedom to step out of victim consciousness, limitation and fear are the usual consequences of having experienced Meredith’s teaching and energy transmissions! Her students report an unusual rise in quality of life, love and happiness!

Her healing and teaching work developed out of her journey of healing breast cancer energetically. She was guided to walk away from treatment and basically stake her life on the amazing power of quantum consciousness to heal and transform in seeming miraculous ways.  What she learned during that journey is the basis for her healing work, teaching and breathwork sessions. 

When i look back on all the scenarios of this life, it almost seems like a movie in which i was playing different roles.  And now, the work I am able to do with and for others is truly what i was born to do. 


Every thing i teach, share and do is something i have worked through in my life. 

Meredith knows there is wisdom from this lifetime of being her:  good Catholic girl, military wife, mother, grandmother, starting over on her own at 63.  And then, stepping out of the cancer, overcoming the  fear and surrendering her life just to see what would happen.

Meredith’s life looked typical on the outside but inside was this deep yearning and desire to connect with the ‘Higher”. And she know knows she finally has come home to her truth.

She likes to give practical techniques and understandings of what has been going on in clients’ lives and show them ways to reframe their story.  Compassion, tough honesty, lots of laughter and plenty of tools and take aways to work with are part of every interaction!

The result is that clients consistently experience energy moving through them in a way they never have. They are taken to a new dimensional experience. They report feeling lighter, clearer, calmer, quieter inside. Some have never felt safe or relaxed in their bodies before and they are moved to tears to finally come home to themselves.

Quantum Shift Breath

Meredith's Signature Session
$ 280
per 2 1/2 Hour Session
  • Discover the Quantum Breath Difference
  • Your Session also includes Quantum Energy Healing & Coaching
  • Powerful Life-altering Transformation and Healing
  • Receive guidance and tools to keep energy high and clear after session

Chakra Balancing & Upgrading

Journey through the Chakra System
$ 200
per 1 1/2 hour Session
  • Learn how your chakras work and where they are in the body
  • Learn to tune in through color, sound and frequency
  • Awaken and balance your energy centers
  • Align your chakras with your Higher Self

Balancing Masculine Feminine

Electromagnetic Polarities
$ 200
per 1 1/2 hour Session
  • Awaken the Divine Feminine and Masculine in you to balance your energies
  • Understand the true masculine and feminine principles
  • Release ancestral wounding around the masculine and feminine energies

Your Sensual Self

Heal, Awaken, Discover, Recover
$ 400 per Session individual. $475 for a couple
  • Discover the healing power of intimate sexual connection
  • Breath, Touch, Energy work and energy awakening exercises
  • Heal the trauma of past abuse
  • For couples or singles