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Quantum Shift Breathwork

Meredith's Signature Session
$ 280
A Session
  • Breathwork, Energy work and Coaching
  • Powerful Transformation and Healthing
  • Receive guidance and tools to keep energy high and clear after session

Chakra Balancing & Upgrading

Journey the Chakra System
$ 200
A Session
  • Learn what your chakras do and where they are
  • Understand how to tun in through color, sound and frequency
  • Awaken and balance your energy centers

Balancing and Healing Masculine Feminine

Electromagnetic Plarities
$ 200
A Session
  • Awaken the Divine Feminine and balance your energies
  • Understand the true masculine and feminine principles
  • Learn to balance and incorporate them into your life

Meet Meredith

The work for me is simply going deeply within, connecting with and calibrating myself to the Higher Presence—the Divine, the Higher Self or Soul of the person — connecting with that delicious higher energy state that is so familiar to me.  I go into a much higher dimension of awareness and open up the space for that frequency to come through and work with the person.  It shifts energy patterns and clears attachments to energies that are not helpful. The power of this high frequency is amazingly powerful and can heal the body and the mind and reset on many levels.