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Quantum Shift Mentoring Program

If you are ready to upgrade your life, feel different in your head and your skin, this program can take you there.  The program offers you the support, knowledge and tools to make deep and lasting changes in how you  feel, how you perceive life and, as a result, how life shows up for you.  What you will receive from this program changes and expands your view of reality so you can move beyond  fear, defensiveness and self-defeating attitudes and actions.  And, as a result, you are able to move forward in ways that benefit all areas of life:  spiritual awakening, career, relationships, health and vitality. 

Quantum Shift Breathwork Healer / Facilitator!

If you have ever done a breathwork journey, you know what an amazing and powerful experience it is. You were probably blown away by how this simple process propelled you into such rapid, powerful transformation. You were no doubt amazed at how the healing power of conscious breathing took you to a whole different level! I’ve seen lives totally change after one breathwork experience. Patterns, habits, addictions and beliefs that have plagued people for years are suddenly dissolved and transformed. With this training, you will be able to take others to this powerful healing place in their lives. New class is forming soon...

Spiritual Mentoring and Coaching

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Meet Meredith

The work for me is simply going in and connecting with and calibrating myself to the Higher Presence—the Divine, the Higher Self or Soul of the person.  connecting with that higher energy state that is so familiar to me.  I go into a higher dimension of awareness and open up the space for that to come through and work with the person.  what comes through shifts energy patterns, clears attachments to energies that don’t serve them.  it can heal the body and the mind and the reset them on many levels.

Breathwork Facilitator Training

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