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Become A Quantum Shift Breathwork Healer / Facilitator!

This course builds on the Quantum Consciousness foundation and applies that higher understanding to the breathwork process. This course delves into all the aspects of conducting a Quantum Shift Breath Session for yourself, friends and family and professionally for clients. What you will learn in this class will super charge whatever healing modalities and practices you may currently be using. Breathwork is a deceptively simple process that propels you into rapid, powerful transformation. The healing power of conscious breathing takes you to a whole different level! I’ve seen lives totally change after one breathwork experience. Patterns, habits, addictions and beliefs that have plagued people for years are suddenly dissolved and transformed. With this training, you will be able to take others to this powerful healing place in their lives. New class is forming now and will begin soon... Contact Meredith or click below.

New Course: Quantum Consciousness--The Physics of Miracles

I absolutely love teaching this class! It really and truly is the Physics of Miracles and Magic. Quantum Consciousness, this physics of miracles, forms the framework for the healing work I do and for my own spiritual growth. i view Quantum Physics as a “new spiritual language” that is able to give us the skills, knowledge and ability to create seeming miraculous shifts in our lives. Having a basic understanding of some basic QP concepts truly does give us access to greater states of consciousness and expanded realities. Click the button below to get more details.

Monthly Meditation & Energy Upgrade

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