Healing Sessions

All sessions are available both in person in Sedona and long distance via Zoom

Quantum Shift Breathwork Session

A Quantum Shift Breathwork journey is a powerful, yet gentle way to rapidly transform and release old programming and patterns that have kept you stuck in cycles of pain and trauma. You will actually feel the energy actually moving through your body as the energetic residue of these old patterns dissolves and neutralizes!  During your session you will experience deep relaxation and feelings of safety and love as you open to the transformative power of conscious and intentional breathing.  Meredith opens sacred space and guides you into this powerful experience to bring forth just what you need to clear, neutralize and transform all that is ready to be shifted and released.  She utilizes her gifts as an intuitive healer to upgrade your energy centers and release stuck energies.  As a result, you feel clearer, lighter, and more relaxed, yet energized.  After your session, we will take some time to process your experience and you will receive further guidance and tools to keep your new energetic signature high and clear.

As Meredith’s signature session, The Quantum Shift Breathwork session combines the power of breathwork with energy healing and coaching to actually provide you with a powerful combination of 3 sessions in one.

Your Sensual Self—Heal, Awaken, Discover, Recover

Busyness, emotional baggage, health issues, lack of awareness, past trauma— these are all the kiss of death for our ability to soften and connect into our deep, sensual, energetic core. And our sensuality is more than just sex—it’s a deep energy of empowerment and connection, both with our selves and others. In fact, our sensual energy is the same as our life force energy—with a different name and context! When we harden and shut down, we block our life force, our spiritual energy and we are unable to connect in openness and authenticity. We become stuck in our heads and in our story. In this session we use education, energy work and energy awakening exercises and breath to heal the trauma of past abuse, to find ways to reconnect with our own life force in ourselves and with our partner. This can be a couples session, or for a single person.

Chakra Balancing and Upgrading

Get acquainted with your energy centers! This session is a journey through your chakra system. You will literally feel and experience your own energy centers awakening, balancing and upgrading! We will delve into what the chakras do, where they are in the body, how to clear and balance your own energy centers. You will learn how to tune in through color, sound and frequency. You will leave the session feeling lighter, clearer and more balanced physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically.

Customized Healing Session—What do you Need Today?

This session really targets what’s going on in your life. Often the significant events in our lives that drive us to reach out for help actually serve to propel us forward on a path we may never have imagined. In this session we will incorporate intuitively channeled information and guidance, practical counseling and a special type of energy healing session to help you unwind old programming, release trauma and awaken new understanding and clarity. We may use crystals, oils or sound as well You will also receive practical resources and tools to keep you going on your new path.

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