Quantum Consciousness: The Physics of Miracles

New Online Class Beginning September 9

I absolutely love teaching this class!  It really and truly is the Physics of Miracles and Magic. 

In this course, you will receive the knowledge, tools, practices and perspectives that will allow you to truly access the realm of magic and miracles for yourself. 

Here are the 4 basic areas of the curriculum:

The Quantum Field Trip–Intro to the basic Quantum Consciousness principles we work with

Reviewing and Rewriting Your Life Script–applying the QP concepts to our life stories, and how to change them

What would life look like if I wasn’t afraid?–Unmasking hidden fear programs that we have accepted as normal and that  run us–again applying a quantum perspective

Everyday living in Quantum reality–Tools to live life in a higher dimensional awareness for greater flow and manifestation.


Why is this useful?  Because it shows us how reality works and how to tap into higher states of awareness, healing and manifestation.  We will learn how and why our thoughts, emotions and assumptions truly are creating our every reality!  This understanding can catapult you into a higher vibrational state of awareness and consciousness, giving you the tools to release the old limitations and programs and see through the illusions of this 3D world.  

Quantum Physics is a language.  The concepts come right from the higher dimensions — 6th, 7th and 8th dimensions!– to help us bridge our understanding of reality and reach a much higher awareness beyond the forms and scenarios of our linear 3D reality.  It truly is the Physics of Miracles and Magic. Let me show you how it works in your life!  This knowledge is such a gift.  Quantum Consciousness, this physics of miracles, forms the framework for the healing work I do and for my own spiritual growth.

“Quantum” is a big buzz word these days, but most of the time it’s never really explained, just some vague sense of something cosmic out there.   When most of us think of Quantum Physics, we probably envision huge, long, complicated mathematical equations, or tedious formulas that leave your eyes crossed.  And so we move on.

But there is another way to work with  the mysterious “Quantum Field” and that’s what I want to share with you:

  • Examining some basic concepts of QP for greater consciousness and empowerment
  • Learning a new way of  understanding of how reality is created, maintained, shifted
  • Expanding our view of ourselves and every day reality 


I’ve discovered in my own life that when we take the results of some of this scientific research and learn how to work with it, the basic principles of Quantum Physics are very easily applied in our every day lives.  In fact we are always working with them, because they actually describe how reality is formed, maintained and changed.   

I firmly believe, from my 10 plus years of living and working with this material, that now more than ever, discernment and a larger perspective of what reality is and can be, is absolutely crucial.  I also firmly know that the material in this course can provide the knowledge, tools, concepts, and most importantly, the energetic support to give us more access to that.

The material in this course will super charge the modalities and practices you may be working with now, because you will have a deeper understanding of why and how they work.

As always in my classes, each session contains not only teaching and discussion, but  most importantly–powerful energy transmissions to activate deep healing, transformation and assimilation of the material being shared.

All sessions will be recorded and sent out; live attendance is not necessary

Dates:  6 Thursdays–Sept.9-Oct.14
Time:  5:00 PM, PDT/MST
Where:  Zoom  (log in is sent upon registration)
Cost:  $240 

All sessions are recorded–live attendance is not necessary–(but way more fun!!)