Buckle up, kids, we’re going through!

Does Life Feel a Bit Like this these days?

I first published this back in 2014 and thought I'd pull it back up, because it really reflects where we are these days, with all the changes happening in us and around us. It feels like a bumpy ride for sure!!

Since then, the energies have continued to get stronger, brighter and we are feeling even more out of control. That's because we are! There's a big shift happening on the planet and we are in it! Really in it. And it's good, but just doesn't feel that way now. I hope this will give you some insight, support and helpful tips for self-care.

I don’t know about you, but for me 2014 has been quite a ride so far, and we’re just two months into it. As a healer, spiritual teacher and counselor, I help clients work through many different situations and circumstances.  Looking back, there is usually  a common denominator, an underlying energetic thread that runs through, even though particular circumstances differ.

I personally find it helpful to have an understanding of what is transpiring and why, so that I can move through the rocky transitions more quickly and with greater clarity and courage. So here are some thoughts —

We are like planes taking off on a journey, moving from Third Dimensional density into the higher, finer, lighter atmosphere of the Fifth Dimension, and higher.

But just like a plane, we have to power our way through the resistance of  atmospheric density in order to get to cruising altitude.  And sometimes there is really dense, heavy cloud cover in between.  You’ve been there—the captain says it may be rough, so you hold on, maybe grip the arms of your seat as the plane lurches about, take some deep breaths, maybe furtively look around for the barf bag just in case.  But you don’t want to look like a wimp who has never flown, so you try to look calm and collected.  You look out the window and it’s dark, dense, threatening.  You think—we could die.  And yet what is causing all that turbulence?  Clouds.  Not solid at all.  Just clouds.

Yet these clouds, which have no real substance, are tossing about this multi-ton, jet-powered hunk of metal, carrying hundreds of people and hundreds of pounds of cargo, like it was nothing.  But what does the captain do?  Throw up his hands and cry , it’s too much, it’s too hard, it’s too scary, Someone make this go away?  Of course not.  She/He hunkers down and revs up the engines even more in order to power through.

This is what we are being taught now—that we have the power within to cut through the density of these dark clouds of old thoughts and patterns that threaten us and toss us about.  But we would not be experiencing these circumstances if  we weren’t ready to handle them.  Just like the plane, when weather conditions are bad enough, the flight gets cancelled, but this one wasn’t, so hang on, we’re going through.

Our circumstances and situations are never just about what it appears on the surface.  They are Sacred Curriculum in this Earth School for Souls.  As real as they feel and appear, they simply serve to bring up the emotions and reactions that we, as souls,  agreed to move through, experience and resolve in this lifetime.  Much like a case study in grad school, a math word problem in elementary school, or those clouds—the situations are not real in one sense, but in order to pass the course, get the learning and get where we want to go, they are real indeed.

And this is not to minimize the pain and suffering.  I’ve walked my own path and have made it through many challenges.  So I know.  Some say the definition of shaman is wounded healer.  Just like a bone that has broken and healed—the point of the break is now strongest.  So compassion for ourselves is crucial.  But, just like the plane, we don’t wallow in the story of how terrible it is and let it toss us around.

You know the saying—what we focus on increases.  That’s quantum physics.  As long as we focus on the dark and the fear and the story, it grows in power.  So where do you focus when situations and emotions threaten to overwhelm?  Rev up the inner engine.  Look inside for the tiny, sometimes infinitesimal, point of light.  Fiercely look.  It is there.  Power up and determine to find  that and focus on it as if your life depended on it.  Because it does.

We are in a great time of awakening and transition now, as most of you are aware.  The energies are potent.  The vibrational frequencies in which we live are higher, faster, finer and lighter than they were when we came in to this lifetime.  And because our physical bodies—which, don’t forget, includes our brain—are part of the ‘stuff’ of the planet, they are affected.

This is all divine plan, our evolutionary blueprint.  An opportunity to fly.  The first response is always, what’s wrong here, what’s wrong with me.  Things are not normal, so much is shaken up in me and around me.  These thoughts and feelings—actual nervous system responses, are simply the brain chemistry reacting to the shift of energies.  This doesn’t feel ‘normal’, therefore the ‘organism’ that we are feels threatened.  It’s just the old survival mechanism at work.

So how do we weather these shifts?  But more than that, how do we cooperate with these shifts to take advantage of them?  How do we teach our brain and nervous system to adapt?  This is why such technologies as yoga, breathwork, journaling, meditation and energy healing sessions are so helpful.  They give us space to move forward.

We are being given the opportunity here to evolve as a species to something greater, lighter, more expansive, less ‘at the effect’ than ever before.  And we have no paradigm for it, so therefore the conditioned left brain screams out—wait, it’s out of control!  Does not compute!  Danger, Will Robinson, danger!!

Here are some practical steps that will help dissolve patterns of pain and limitation:

  1. Allow and acknowledge the feelings that are coming up, without suppressing them.
  2. Know that this is happening for you, not to you.
  3. Breathe deeply and consciously into the brain, and into the feeling.
  4. Recognize the familiarity of the feeling, and the pattern that triggered it
  5. Release judgment, and shift into compassion for yourself, and the courage it takes to face this discomfort
  6. Unplug your energy from the sensation—switch into neutral observing of the sensations you are experiencing
  7. Gently but firmly continue to breathe, and notice that the feeling sensation begins to subside, like fog in sunlight.
  8. Repeat this process each time old, uncomfortable emotions arise, knowing that each time you follow these steps, the brain and nervous system pattern that holds it in place loses its power to control your life.
  9. Remind yourself that you are evolving, not fixing.  Stay gentle and compassionate with yourself.
  10. Get up and move–stretch, walk
  11. And if you need help, book a healing session or massage to move the energy.


So by breathing into the emotion, changing the brain chemistry through the conscious breath, we rev up the inner knowing, focusing on the spark of light inside.  Through our focus, determination and breath, the light grows and grows and expands until it pushes through the dense layer of fear, doubt and darkness. And suddenly we break through to the light of cruising altitude.

You are now free to move about the cabin.

Blessings, Beloveds

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