The Ultimate Breath Journey

I’ve been conducting private and group Breathwork sessions for about 10 years now.  In an “official” breath work session, we deliberately choose to put our awareness within, focusing on the breath and what we’re feeling in the body. Then we simply surrender and allow the magic and power of the breath, the music and the intention to open and move us through layers of resistance, awareness, patterns and belief structures. Ultimately this practice allows us to release old patterns and programs and more fully align with the true essence of ourselves and our divine natures.  It is an amazingly simple process, and yet it is one of the most powerful catalysts for rapid awakening and transformation.

I’ve realized for a while now that life is a breath journey.  When we learn to live consciously, connecting with the breath, feeling what’s moving through us, even the most mundane activities of life can be as freeing and empowering as a formal breath session.

This has been powerfully brought home to me recently, as I spent time with my mother in the last days of her life.  She was barely conscious and it struck me powerfully in watching her that she looked just like she was in a Breathwork journey! As she spent her last days disconnected from the concerns and activities of life, deeply immersed in her process of surrender and release, I realized that’s exactly what we do when we do our Breathwork.  And then I thought—of course, that’s exactly why we do Breathwork—to help us go through layers of fear and programming and let go into something more!

Seeing the various emotions move across her face, the involuntary body twitches and tremors as the nervous system released built up trauma, noticing how the breath changed, hearing the small noises and the witnessing the private, unintelligible conversations with who knows who, all made me realize the importance of doing this work of letting go before we face the end of life.

It is always so difficult when a loved one struggles to surrender into passing from this plane of life.  The body is so weary and in such pain, and yet the mind and will somehow cannot let go.

I was struck yet again of the importance of consciously letting go, surrendering into the awareness that this plane of existence is not ultimate reality.   Through my own healing and awakening journey, and through my work assisting hundreds of clients,  I have come to realize that the practice of  learning to let go now is hugely important practice for the ultimate breath journey.


Meredith Davis is the creator of The Quantum Shift Breathwork Process and the Discover Your Quantum Self Master Course.  She conducts private and group sessions in Sedona, Arizona, as well as Breathwork Retreats in the powerful vortex energies of Sedona. The next one is coming up soon: 

Transform and Empower Your Life: 4 Day Breathwork Retreat  June 5-9, click here!








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