Why do Quantum Shift Breathwork? Because it changes everything!

In case you aren’t familiar with the power of the breathwork journey, let me share with you some of the far reaching effects this deceptively simple practice has on your body, your mind, emotions and your energy field.

It truly has the power to change your life.  It did mine.  In fact, it saved it–literally. 

The teaching, techniques and the energy field I share at during sessions and at my retreats are the result of my experience of healing myself energetically of breast and lymph cancer.  I walked away from medical treatment, put my life on the line, and this is what I have learned. As a result, I developed my own ‘flavor’ of breathwork, which I call the Quantum Shift Breathwork Process.

From a physical perspective, breathwork affects every cell in the body, which of course includes all systems, organs, tissues, blood, brain, nervous system, hormones and more.  While consciously engaging the breath in everyday life has amazing health benefits (you’ll learn about that at the retreat too), engaging in a full breathwork journey amplifies the positive effects exponentially.

During the breathwork session, you literally shift brain chemistry and begin reprogramming the brain and nervous system.  By the way, did you know that cancer cells as well as other viruses cannot live in a super oxygenated environment?

The breathwork process also allows the brain, nervous system and energy field to release subconsciously held trauma, programming and patterns that keep us locked in less than desirable habits, beliefs and life circumstances.  It balances and reboots the autonomic nervous system as well as the hemispheres of the brain so you feel better and function better.

We also work multidimensionally and energetically to clear your past in this lifetime, past lives, parallel universes, future lives.  Yes, we do a lot while just breathing and listening to music!  It’s all in the energy we hold.

Using a technology example, I like to say that we call in your Higher Self, or soul, as the big IT person to de-bug, de-frag, dump the old outdated data and programming, upgrade your ‘operating system’ and then reboot you.

This puts you into a beautiful state of energized relaxation that allows for more focus, clarity and awareness in your life. It literally clears the static.

The further benefit of doing a multi-day experience is that you are immersed in this state of optimal brain, neural and energetic activity for an extended period, so the effects are exponentially increased.  Resetting in this way creates a new energetic and cellular baseline normal for your life, so you can move forward from there, to even more awareness and growth.

Sound appealing?  Would you like to feel like this?  If you are curious and feel like this is something that you are ready for, you might want to attend my upcoming retreat, June 5-8, 2019 here in Sedona.  Click on the link below for the details.  This is deep and wonderful work.  If you are wondering if you are ready to step in, contact me and we can talk about it.
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Or, if you can’t attend a retreat but would like to experience the transformative power of a Quantum Shift Breathwork Journey, contact me about scheduling a private session

The Ultimate Breath Journey

I’ve been conducting private and group Breathwork sessions for about 10 years now.  In an “official” breath work session, we deliberately choose to put our awareness within, focusing on the breath and what we’re feeling in the body. Then we simply surrender and allow the magic and power of the breath, the music and the intention to open and move us through layers of resistance, awareness, patterns and belief structures. Ultimately this practice allows us to release old patterns and programs and more fully align with the true essence of ourselves and our divine natures.  It is an amazingly simple process, and yet it is one of the most powerful catalysts for rapid awakening and transformation.

I’ve realized for a while now that life is a breath journey.  When we learn to live consciously, connecting with the breath, feeling what’s moving through us, even the most mundane activities of life can be as freeing and empowering as a formal breath session.

This has been powerfully brought home to me recently, as I spent time with my mother in the last days of her life.  She was barely conscious and it struck me powerfully in watching her that she looked just like she was in a Breathwork journey! As she spent her last days disconnected from the concerns and activities of life, deeply immersed in her process of surrender and release, I realized that’s exactly what we do when we do our Breathwork.  And then I thought—of course, that’s exactly why we do Breathwork—to help us go through layers of fear and programming and let go into something more!

Seeing the various emotions move across her face, the involuntary body twitches and tremors as the nervous system released built up trauma, noticing how the breath changed, hearing the small noises and the witnessing the private, unintelligible conversations with who knows who, all made me realize the importance of doing this work of letting go before we face the end of life.

It is always so difficult when a loved one struggles to surrender into passing from this plane of life.  The body is so weary and in such pain, and yet the mind and will somehow cannot let go.

I was struck yet again of the importance of consciously letting go, surrendering into the awareness that this plane of existence is not ultimate reality.   Through my own healing and awakening journey, and through my work assisting hundreds of clients,  I have come to realize that the practice of  learning to let go now is hugely important practice for the ultimate breath journey.


Meredith Davis is the creator of The Quantum Shift Breathwork Process and the Discover Your Quantum Self Master Course.  She conducts private and group sessions in Sedona, Arizona, as well as Breathwork Retreats in the powerful vortex energies of Sedona. The next one is coming up soon: 

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I Looked and, By Golly, There Was a Rubber Band!


The other day a friend told me about someone who brings forth sacred objects, mainly gemstones, out of his mouth, after going into a deep trance stateMy first reaction?  Well, you probably can imagine.  But I just pulled back mentally, and did a bit of prayer/conversation asking what would be useful for me to know about this.  (By the way, it is called aportation and evidently, a number of people past and present do and have done that, including Sai Baba and of course Jesus.)
Last night at the gym I realized I’d forgotten a hair tie and I was going to steam and sauna.  When I walked into the steam room a rubber band was lying on the floor.  Coincidence?  Manifestation? Aportation?
We’ve been playing with manifesting and I think we’re being nudged to go into it more deeply and take it more seriously.  Serious—not in a somber sense, but as in paying more attention, even in each moment. 
That’s what came to me when I saw the rubber band—pay attention—there’s more going on here, and there is more possible. 
Did someone just leave it there?  Probably, but so what?  It all fit together like pieces of a cosmic jigsaw and I had what I had desired.  And it wasn’t even a big deal desire.  Yes, it would have been more uncomfortable sitting there with my hair down, but not life and death.  It was a reminder to pay attention, and to open the aperture of our minds to greater possibility.
It was a reminder to not slide into unconsciousness when in the middle of mundane activities.  Miracles—that’s what we call it when something outside our idea of what’s possible happens.  In a sense, everything about our lives is a miracle.  As our minds open to more possibility, miracles happen all around us every day in every moment.   Truly anything can happen if we just accept it as a possibility and relax into that.
Relax. That’s a biggie actually.  When I think back to the locker room, I remember the scenario:  I looked for a pony tail holder, discovered I didn’t have one in my bag, had a flurry of disappointment—actually projecting my emotions forward to the discomfort I would feel, and then said—oh well. Then I walked into the steam room and there it was. 
Tracking is important because it leads down the rabbit hole to all kinds of stuff about our expectations, projections, thoughts and habitual responses and how those actually do manifest our reality. 
I work with numerology a bit, and this morning I remembered that this is an 8 year—2+0+1+5=8.  Eight has to do with authority, power, confidence and manifestation.  There is a lot more to it, including bringing forward those aspects of ourselves that are not quite healed and ready to step into those qualities, or how we perhaps misuse them.  I’ll write more about that next time.  But I believe that we are being given the opportunity by Creator here to pay attention, and allow more to show up for us.   
So, pay attention today.  Notice what you notice, relax and allow expansion to happen. 
Oh—and post here what shows up for you—let’s see what happens!
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The Spiral Journey-Once More Around

Just before the arrival of 2012 I moved into a sweet little house in Sedona. It was the completion of a cycle that had begun more than a year before, when I had moved out of my first home in Sedona.  It was an unbelievable journey that included a bout with breast cancer, camping out with friends in guest rooms and on sofas—even living in a camping trailer for a while. 

This little adventure took me from the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina, to the beaches of Kauai and included completing the training to become an ordained Shamanic Minister, certified Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator, earning an MA in Shamanic Intuitional Practices and a PhD in Shamanic Psychospiritual Studies. It also took me to depths and heights of myself I didn’t know existed.

Finally I ended up where I began—back in my beloved red rocks of Sedona. Where I began, but not—meaning I’m not the same. Life is a spiral, not a straight line. So, as I took that year-plus turn around this spiral of life, I arrived back at the same spot, but from a higher perspective, wiser yet humbler, stripped of much I thought was essential, freer, more open, lighter, and a lot more courageous.

I’m far from the only one experiencing bizarre life rearrangements. However, I will say, that as a good Scorpio and 4 on the Enneagram, I’m pretty much wired to take things to extremes and be a bit of a drama queen.

But seriously, at every turn I see and hear about lives in upheaval. Aspects of life we have so taken for granted are shifting, being lost, shaken up, disappearing. We are being challenged to our very cores to step into these upheavals, to let go of so much that is familiar, and recognize and trust that in the letting go, we are being ushered into places of greater freedom and limitlessness. All those parts of our lives we thought we couldn’t live without—when we dare to let go, we find we can expand into something more—more free, more flexible, more courageous.

It’s a lot like the story of Moses and the children of Israel when they were being prompted (nudged by the hand of God) by decidedly uncomfortable circumstances in Egypt to launch out into the unknown of a “promised land.” We so often hold on to situations, circumstances and relationships that are less than ideal, but are comfortable because of their familiarity, when our souls have something more for us.

I’m learning a lot about the brain these days, and there is a definite physiological component to staying with the familiar, even when it is uncomfortable. We become addicted to the familiar, to the particular cocktail of neurotransmitters that releases in our brains around patterns of behavior, circumstances and relationships, even when those patterns no longer serve our highest good, our growth and evolution.

So all of that—both the spiritual and the scientific- is what I fall back on when my own circumstances are shaken, when life takes a turn that is decidedly not on my wish list. I’m grateful for the teachers who have shown me the tools that allow me to see the good, to breathe, to surrender and to trust. And I can now say I am grateful for the circumstances that have allowed me to move from an intellectual understanding to a gut level, life on the line, experiential knowing.

One such teacher phoned me recently, inquiring about my journey of healing breast cancer. The dreaded C-word had struck in her close family, and she needed to know what I did, how I handled it, the healers I’d worked with and, how I was now—was it all still working for me. She is someone whose wisdom, training and teaching have inspired and informed me personally, and in my own writing and teaching.  In fact, it was much of her teaching that enabled me to handle the cancer the way I did.  So no matter who we are, how much we know, we are all taking our turn in going deeper into release, trust, surrender and growth. I was grateful that my experience could serve.

There is another Old Testament story I remember and refer to a lot: during one of the battles, Moses was instructed by the Lord that the Israelites would prevail  so long as he held his staff up over his head. Of course, Moses’ arms grew weary, and each time he wavered and his arms started to droop, the battle would swing toward the enemy. The story is that his sister Miriam and brother Aaron stood on either side of him, and helped him hold up his arms.

They could not take over his job for him; he had to do his work. But they could stand with him and support him as he did what he was called to do.

So it is with us. As our family members and friends step into their own unique life experiences of learning, surrender, growth and transformation, we stand with them, lending strength and compassion as they in turn do their divine work.

One more OT reference comes to mind. When I began my own spiritual journey, I took with me a verse from Jeremiah: I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord. Plans for good and not for calamity, to give you a future and a hope. I’ve held on to that. So far, so good. As I sit typing this in my lovely office, surrounded once again by beloved belongings, in the cozy tranquility of my new home, healthy, happy, freer and oh so grateful, all I can say is Thank You—to the Divine, and to all who stood with me as I did the work of this last year and made one more turn around the spiral of life.